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3Glasses Blubur S1

3Glasses Blubur S1

Per-eye resolution
Horizontal FoV
PC Powered
3Glasses Blubur S1
Manufacturer 3Glasses
Website 3glasses.com
Platform SteamVR, Windows Mixed Reality
Release Date 2016-09-19
Retail Price $530 (Discontinued)
Weight 358 g
Display Type LCD
Subpixel Layout RGB Stripe
Resolution (per eye) 1440x1440
Pixels per Degree 13.09
Refresh Rate 120 Hz
Field of View 110° (H), 110° (V), 156° (D)
IPD Range 60-63 mm (software adjustable)
Controllers 3Glasses 3Wand Controllers
Tracking Inside-out
Degrees of Freedom 6
Eye Tracking No
Hand Tracking No
Sound 3.5 mm audio jack
Ports DisplayPort, USB 3.0
Wireless None


The 3Glasses Blubur S1 is a virtual reality headset manufactured by 3Glasses.

Released in September 2016, it is a PC powered headset, running a 1440x1440 (per eye) LCD display at 120 Hz.