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Canon MREAL S1

Canon MREAL S1

Per-eye resolution
Horizontal FoV
PC Powered
Canon MREAL S1
Manufacturer Canon
Device Type PC powered
Platform MREAL Platform
Announced 2020-10-01
Release Date Unreleased
Retail Price $38500 headset only
Display Type Single Micro LED
Subpixel Layout
Resolution (per eye) 1600x1200
Refresh Rate 120 Hz
Field of View 45° horizontal, 34° vertical, 56° diagonal
Passthrough Dual passthrough cameras
IPD Range 57-76 mm hardware adjustable
(excluding headstrap)
154 x 74 x 37 mm
6.06 x 2.91 x 1.46 in
Weight 137 g without headstrap
338 g with headstrap
Material Plastic
Headstrap Removable plastic halo strap with flip-up visor
Colors Gray
Tracking Type 6 DoF Inside-out
Base Stations No
Eye Tracking No
Face Tracking No
Hand Tracking Yes
Body Tracking No
Speakers No
Microphone No
3.5mm Audio Jack No
Ports No
Video Connection Mini DisplayPort, PCIe 2.0 (Gen 3) x4
WiFi No
Bluetooth No
Other No


The Canon MREAL S1 is a virtual reality headset manufactured by Canon. It was announced in October 2020.

- This headset is unreleased.

- This headset requires a connection to a PC in order to be used.

- This headset is lightweight. 338 g

- This headset has a high refresh rate. 120 Hz

- This headset has a low horizontal field of view. 45°

- This headset does not require external base stations.

- This headset is sold without controllers.

The headset can be refitted to be used in a handheld mode, with the headstrap removed. It also features a flip-up visor, allowing for the user to quickly remove and replace the device on their head.