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Pimax Vision 8K+

Pimax Vision 8K+

Per-eye resolution
Horizontal FoV
PC Powered
Pimax Vision 8K+
Manufacturer Pimax
Device Type PC powered
Platform SteamVR, Oculus Home
Announced 2018-11-01
Release Date 2019-02-19
Retail Price $899 headset only
$1199 with controllers
$1449 with controllers, base stations
Display Type 2 x CLPL
Subpixel Layout RGB stripe
Resolution (per eye) 3840x2160*
Refresh Rate 110 Hz
Field of View 150° horizontal, 105° vertical, 183° diagonal*
Advertised as 170° (H), 115° (V), 200° (D)
Passthrough No
IPD Range 60-72 mm hardware adjustable
(excluding headstrap)
280 x 108 x 136 mm
11.02 x 4.25 x 5.35 in
Weight 500 g without headstrap
750 g with headstrap
Material Plastic, foam facial interface
Headstrap Hard padded modular audio strap (Pimax SMAS)
Colors Black, blue
Tracking Type 6 DoF Inside-out (marker based)
Base Stations 2 x SteamVR 2.0
Eye Tracking No
Face Tracking No
Hand Tracking No
Body Tracking No
Controllers 2 x Index Controller (6 DoF)
Weight 196 g
Input Methods Trackpad, face buttons, index trigger
Finger Tracking Full thumb and finger tracking
Haptics Yes
Controller Batteries Rechargable
Battery Life 8 hours
Speakers Integrated in-strap stereo speakers
Microphone Yes
3.5mm Audio Jack Yes
Ports No
Video Connection DisplayPort 1.4, USB 3.0
WiFi No
Bluetooth No
Other No


The Pimax Vision 8K+ is a virtual reality headset manufactured by Pimax. It was released in February 2019, following an announcement in November 2018. It is the company's fourth VR headset release.

- This headset requires a connection to a PC in order to be used.

- This headset is heavy. 750 g

- This headset has a high per-eye resolution. 3840x2160

- This headset has a high refresh rate. 110 Hz

- This headset has a high horizontal field of view. 150°

- This headset uses marker-based tracking that requires external base stations for full tracking capability.

- This headset can be purchased with two 6DoF controllers.

controllers Index Controller, sold alongside the headset
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